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Q: How do I make a favicon appear for my site in IE7? The first is to put a file in the root of your domain called The second is to use a tag with the rel="shortcut icon" value and the href value set to the URL for the Icon you wish to display. A: IE will download the icon when a user first visits the site.Can you please follow Gop's advice above, convert your favicon, re-upload it and retry? I was having the same issue with favicon showing in all browsers except IE.I changed my file extention from to but never converted the image itself.If you aren't able to make it work, please leave everything around your favicon in your Yola account as it is now, so our specialists can investigate. Hello Darren I think what might be the reason it doesn't work is that Internet Explorer struggles to interprete favicons which don't have the format.Or if the ico file was created by renaming a gif or jpg, use the following site to auto convert the original image file into an ico file: uploading the new ico file, delete the previous file and clear the IE cache. If I see it correctly, the file type of your favicon is instead of The icon is stored in the Temporary Internet Files folder on the client machine.Additional metadata about the favicon is stored in the user's Url History database.

--- the icon cache is in a sqlite DB file, independent of the browser cache!So the question becomes: How do i clear the Internet Explorer favorite icon cache?When I was at Microsoft, I was the developer tasked with fixing the Favicon story for IE7.IE takes great pains to download the icon as few times as possible to reduce load on the server. The simplest solution is just to use Delete Browsing History (on the Tools menu) to clear the cache and the history store. IE7 will download your favicon to the Temporary Internet Files folder and call Extract Icon() on the file.Q: I put a on my site as you described, but it still doesn't appear. If this fails, we will show the default icon instead of your favicon.

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