Robert pattinson dating nikki reed

Holidays are a convenient time for many people to call it quits on a relationship.

This gets them off the hook from what would definitely be awkward family gatherings.

Nearly two years after the project was announced, Rob and Mia are finally getting to work on their upcoming movie High Life.

There’s a new report that says the Hollywood couple have nixed their wedding plans once again.

For celebs, it also means there could be a little less public attention given to the breakup, as many readers are away on vacation and are not interested in reading any news during their time off.

Celebs such as Amber Heard, Nikki Reed and Sofia Vergara all broke up with their partners, or announced their splits, around Memorial Day Weekend.

There is also Oscar buzz surrounding Robert, with some speculating he could receive a Best Actor nomination.

In the gritty, crime film, Robert portrays a criminal named Connie Nikas, who plans a bank heist with his brother.

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