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Neil Gorsuch, hailed as the heir to jurist Antonin Scalia when he was nominated for the Supreme Court by President Trump on Tuesday, was one of three Columbia students to start The Federalist, a conservative student paper that attacked political correctness Articles obtained by Daily from its first issues, in which Gorsuch was one of the three editors who approved the content, show that it was in line with the beliefs which earned him Trump's endorsement.

In the paper's first edition, the editorial board - Gorsuch, Levy and another student, P.

We’ve created this quick step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.1) Conduct a search based on the criteria that’s important to you, such as specialized skills/development areas, industries, job functions, languages... How to apply the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom to a professional role?

read blog Engagement tactics inspires mentoring community (posted 2 months ago) For graduating students, the next step is often a difficult one.   These are all common concerns that the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) wanted...

One of his co-editors, Andy Levy, is now a Fox News contributor and satirist, while Gorsuch has been described as one of the finest legal minds in the country.

Both my parents are incredibly funny in very different ways.

I don’t know that Boyle deserved the award – I think Fincher and the non-nominated Nolan were more deserving – but I agree that at least he’s not a hack like Howard.

Personally I thought the overlooked and underrated “Sunshine” Can’t remember what year it was (late ’90s), but I was at the Oscars with my girlfriend, my sister and her husband, and two other people.

It took aim at liberals, the left, and the university authorities.

And it mocked Joe Biden for coming 75th out of 86 students at law school.

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Eight years ago, I remember opening my eyes at a.m. …I thought a truck had crashed in the street outside I remember pacing my apartment for the next 15 minutes thinking, stupidly, that a gas line might have been hit in the North Tower… …and then, the next day, when I went back for my cats, they told me I might see bodies lying in front of my apartment building (I didn’t) We held a memorial service in October for my cousin’s husband, who was “missing” but not really… They found a piece of his ribcage in the rubble not too long afterwards.

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