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That debt is growing at a rate of 55.19 per second. We are putting off owning homes, buying cars, and making babies in record numbers, and queer and trans folks are dealing with this in addition to issues like workplace discrimination, barriers to creating and being respected as families and parents, and overall higher rates of economic insecurity. Additionally, very few of us these days have an actual emergency fund.

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In the meantime Natalie is in Miami, where earlier this week she met up with a surgeon who took her for a spin in his Mustang sports car.

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If there’s a stranger on the train smiling at you, why not say: “Hello! ” If you see another backpacker, why not ask: “Hey buddy, where are you going?

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The duo were recently seen together after the Met Gala in New York City before flying back to LA on May 8. Stew’s 23rd birthday together and attended Coachella music festival, where they were spotted holding hands.